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The music of Today's Trade provokes an assortment of new feelings and nostalgia, combining modern songwriting sensibilities with classic rock and blues roots. Think Allman Brothers meets Grateful Dead, with a generous splash of Clapton, Hendrix, and the Beatles. The four piece outfit features two lead guitarists and a rock-solid rhythm section sure to get the crowd on their feet. With two EPs and a new full length album (Give & Take), Today's Trade is beginning to settle into their own groove. With a strong desire to continue the tradition of musicianship and live performance, what you hear on the record is what you'll experience in concert. Immerse yourself in a listening experience that is sure to leave you coming back for more. This is where you will find free bonus no deposit. Follow the link! 




In the winter of 2014, John Williams (a vocalist and guitarist for the band) returned home from the University of Minnesota after his first semester. Within the first few days of being home, he decided to contact an old friend from grade school, Chris Tsipis, who he had seen play the drums in a school talent show. Chris responded immediately and the two got together to talk and play. Hitting it off instantaneously, they decided to form a blues-rock trio and take on the name Today's Trade. Over the course of the next several months, the bassist was unable to meet up regularly due to scheduling conflicts at work and decided in the interest of the band to part ways. The third member, Robbie Walker, had just returned home after graduating from Northwestern. John reached out to Robbie and asked him to come sit in at a rehearsal. Having played together before, the chemistry fell right back in line. It was decided right away that Robbie would become a permanent member of the group and the quest for a bassist ensued. After reaching out to several friends and acquaintances over the next week, the band received contact information for its fourth and final member, Aidan Dooley. The four musicians came together under the same roof on September 7th, 2015 and found a chemistry that was and is undeniably exciting to witness. Without even consulting each other in private, the three members unanimously decided that Dooley was indeed the guy. Since then, the band has delved into many genres, pulling influences from the musical styles of classic rock, blues, pop, funk, metal, jazz, and even a splash of country. The experimentation has since yielded over 25+ original songs and a large variety of performances. Their lyrics express heartfelt emotions that resonate with a large audience and the soul felt in their musicianship will tell you the rest. Go to the site and get triple chance slot at our casino. Limited supply! 


Chicago, IL, USA

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